Sewing Your Own Balloon Valance

What You'll Need
Selected fabric (lightweight cotton material is a good choice)
Tape measure
Tailors chalk
Bracket hardware
Hammer or screwdriver
Curtain rods
Sewing machine
Tissue paper

Sewing your own balloon valance can save a good deal of money. Also, this do-it-yourself project is self-rewarding when creating your own homemade window accent. You can create a balloon valance to use alone on a window or compliment curtains, blinds or shades. Here's how to create a balloon valance that will enhance your window treatment.

Step 1–Measure the Fabric

Using your tape measure, obtain the width or your window and multiply this number by three, so once cut, you can produce a full balloon effect. Always add two inches on both sides to create a seam. Double the length you want the valance to hang. Carefully transfer the measurements to the fabric, using tailor’s chalk and a ruler.

Step 2–Ruffle and Hem

Lay the cut out fabric on a table. Prepare it by creating ruffles and hem these with pins. Create the ruffles evenly across the width of the material for consistency of the look.

Step 3–Sew the Edges

Sew the edges–sides and bottom–with a folded over 1/2-inch seam. Make sure to produce an even stitch along each edge to produce a straight end look to the three sides.

Step 4–Top Ruffle

Fold the fabric doubling over. Sew a 4-inch ruffle on the top.

Step 5–Rod Pocket

Sew a 1/2-inch seam along the top of the valance. Measure two inches down and sew an additional 1/2-inch seam across the valance once more. This will create a pocket for the valance to thread a curtain rod.

Step 6–Install Brackets

Use the curtain rod to determine where to mount the brackets. Install these with the hardware that accompanied the brackets. Make sure to either nail or screw the brackets into a wall stud so they'll be safely secured.

Step 7–Thread the Rod

Thread the curtain rod carefully through the pocket created on the back of the valance. There will be a surplus of fabric, making a very full and ruffled appearance once it's threaded onto the rod. Slowly thread the fabric, to avoid damaging the upper or lower pocket seams.

Step 8–Balloon Creation

You have a valance that now has an inner space which you will stuff with tissue paper. Create either a seamless balloon across the entire width or make individual “pocket” balloons by gathering the fabric in sections, stuffing with tissue paper, pinning and then creating another balloon section until the entire width is finished. Make sure to space any individual balloon sections equally apart for a consistent and even look. Hide the hemming pins in the back.

Fabric  stores usually offer great bargains purchasing end rolls or discontinued items. This is a good idea when creating a single valance requiring a small amount of fabric.