Shabby Chic Painted Furniture: 3 Colors to Stick To

When making your own shabby chic painted furniture, you can't go wrong with your stylish statement if you stick to 3 colors. The timeworn shabby chic look is reminiscent of cottages on the lake and other nostalgic places. It has a certain charm about it that says "home."

TIP: Doityourself’s painting consultant Pam Estabrooke, of ProTect Painters, suggests, “Don’t limit your shabby chic look to furniture. Picture frames, trim and wainscoting on walls can all receive this treatment.”


White is the most dominant of all the shabby chic colors. You can't go wrong with white whether it’s peeling or smooth. White adds cleanliness and brightness to the room and goes well with anything you want to put with it. A room with white furniture looks cheery.

Pale pink

Pale pink is a very feminine, quiet look that is also popular among lovers of painted shabby chic furniture. The pink must be very pale and subdued and make the furniture blend in rather than stand out like a primary color would. This color can be used in any room, and many decorators say pink is now a neutral color that goes with anything.

Pale green

A pale green shade is extremely popular for painted shabby chic furniture. It is favored for bedrooms and kitchens especially and picks up the greens of foliage if you are using floral fabrics as cushions and curtains in your home.

TIP: Pam adds, “If the piece is going to be used outdoors, like a bench, chair or table, make sure you give it a few coats of varnish in a matte finish to project it.”

Pam Estabrooke, district manager of ProTect Painters, contributed to this article.