Shadow Box Fence Painting Tips

In the world of fences, a shadow box fence is an attractive fence style that can boost home equity and protect boundary lines. When it comes to building fences, there are several different styles and materials you can choose from. A wood shadow box fence alternates the wood planks from inside the stringer to the outside. This presents a unique presentation for your yard as well as a dramatic look in different lighting conditions.

Painting your shadow box fence presents a few different conditions that are not found in painting other types of fences. Because of the alternating structure of the boards, painting the shadow box fence is not like other fences.

Prepaint when Building

Painting your wooden shadow box fence is very important to the overall life of the fence. While the fence will look great immediately after it has been installed, it will begin to deteriorate very rapidly a few months afterwards. Weather, sun, and bugs will begin to attack the wood and start the rotting process. In a few years, it will need to be repaired. Painting the wood gives it the protection it needs to stand strong for several years without much maintenance.

The best way to paint your shadow box fence is to do it before you install anything. That goes for the posts, stringers, and vertical fencing planks. After the wood is up you will have a very hard time getting to all the exposed wood. Prepainting before anything is attached ensures that all wood will be covered.

Let Dry before Assembly

After you have painted the wood, you should allow it to dry completely before assembling any of the fencing.

Touch up Painting

If you scratch the wood while assembling your shadow box fence, you can easily touch up the places that are gouged. Do this immediately. If you wait until the fence is completed you will forget where the touch up was needed. Use a small brush to do the small touch up projects.

Painting Once Wood Is Assembled

If you have to paint the wood after the fence is already assembled, or giving it a fresh coat after several years, it can be done, but will require more time and patience. You have two choices when painting the boards. You can use a roller combined with a brush afterwards, or you can use a sprayer with a brush afterwards. No matter which way you choose, you will need to use a brush after to get in behind the boards.

Another point before painting while the boards are on the fence is to protect the surrounding landscape. Use a lightweight drop cloth to cover up the flowers, shrubs, or even grass before you start painting.

Go through a few panels at a time and spray as much as you can from top to bottom. Then go over the parts that you can not get with the sprayer with a medium-sized brush. It is best not to get too far ahead before you start doing the brush work. This way the color stays consistent.