Shake Vinyl Siding Shake Vinyl Siding

Shake vinyl siding is a type of vinyl siding that is designed to simulate the look of shake wood shingles. A shake vinyl siding panel looks like vertical panels suspended on a strip that is hung to the side of a home or used in renovation projects. Shake vinyl siding can be designed to look like wood and be purchased and installed at a cost that is less than comparable shake siding.

Types and Styles of Shake Vinyl Siding

Shake vinyl siding comes in a variety of colors and styles. This type of siding is easy to install and provides a good cost benefit for a builder or homeowner. The cost of shake vinyl siding can be up to 4 times less than that of a comparable shake wood siding. This factor alone makes shake vinyl siding a strong consideration as a building material for most homeowners.

Considering Using Shake Vinyl Siding

The consideration for shake vinyl siding includes installation considerations, the durability of shake style vinyl siding versus other types of vinyl siding and the cost. If you are considering the use of shake vinyl siding in your new home construction or renovation, your builder can provide you with comparative information to consider.

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