Sharpening a Brad Point Drill Bit

A Brad Point drill bit is a handy tool allowing you to successfully finish most small chores around the house. Whether you are assembling furniture, hanging pictures or shelves, or installing drawers, a sharp drill always comes handy. Sharpening it regularly becomes a must.

This is done by turning the drill on and letting it reach its full speed, then placing its pointed edge against the side of a grinder. Make sure not to place the tip against the grinder. Instead, you have to move the side of the pointed edge against the grinder. Think of how you would be sharpening a pencil, with the shavers revolving around the tip to get rid of the wood.

The circular areas outside the drill bit that surrounds its pointed edge needs to be sharpened as well, but not as much as the Bard Point drill bit itself. Lightly press them against the grinder to give them a sharpening. Finally a few stokes of soft stone, like sandpaper, needs to be used to sharpen the Brad Point drill bit’s outer edges and its pointed edge. This will eliminate any jagged edges or residual bits that may have been left behind on the drill bit. Lastly, ensure that the drill is used only for wood cutting purposes, for its application on other surfaces will significantly reduce its sharpness.