Sharpening a Pruning Saw

What You'll Need
Metal file
Table vice
Dustpan brush
Scrap paper

To ensure that a pruning saw remains effective, it is important to include the steps for sharpening as part of the regular maintenance. Being aware of the correct process for sharpening the saw will allow you to complete the task in the most effective manner.

 Step 1 – Prepare

Start by cleaning away any debris that may be on the pruning saw from when it was previously used. This can be achieved with a dust pan brush or a rag by carefully wiping the blade. Tighten the saw into a table vice to keep it steady and secure while you are sharpening the blade. Slice a piece of scrap paper on the blade to determine how much work is necessary.    

Step 2 – Sharpen

Make a note of the beveled edge of the pruning saw and make sure that only this edge is sharpened. Run the file along the blade at the same angle as the beveled edge. Work it in one direction rather than sawing back and forth.

Step 3 – Test and Finish

Test the blade of the pruning saw again with a scrap piece of paper and, if necessary, repeat the process. Once complete, remove any particles that remain with a cloth.