Sharpening Concrete Drill Bits for Top Performance

Drill sharpening is something that you regularly have to do to maintain the performance and reliability of your drill bits. The drill bits are the parts that work to cut the material by making cylindrical holes. There are drills that are spiral, those that have a point angle, and those that have a lip angle. Drill bits can also be made from various materials such as steel, tungsten carbide, and PCD or polycrystalline diamond.

Having sharp drill bits makes the job so much easier and safer as well. This is a great way to lessen the wear and tear on your drill. Drill bits that are left to become dull can be dangerous since they can break and go through your fingers. Do not let the drill bits get dull and wait until you have create a ragged hole that you will have to redo.

If you want to see whether or not your drill bits need some sharpening, you can take them in a well lit area and see if the light glints off the side. You can also look at their edges and see how crisp these are.

Tools for Drill Sharpening

The best thing you can use for this is an electric bench grinder. This can be used for many kinds and sizes of drill bits. It is a method commonly used by people who are skilled with drill sharpening. The process is harder but you do get to enjoy higher accuracy. You can also use carbon wheels to sharpen the drills with but these are not as sturdy.

Another option that you can choose especially if you have not tried this on your own is to use a drill bit sharpener. The drill bit is placed between the chuck or clamp and it is then placed inside the sharpener. When the bit turns, a wheel inside will begin to sharpen it.

Before you can choose the right tool to use for sharpening, you first have to be aware of the kinds of drill bits and what work best for them. The most common kind is the twist bit; this is the one that comes with a sharp spiral tip. You can use an oilstone for sharpening this but do take care to preserve the bit's angle.

Other bit kinds are screwdriver bits, Forstner bits, flatwood bits, and countersink bits. The Forstner bits are sharpened using oilstones or fine files. This is the kind of bit used for creating flat holes.

Safety Precautions with Sharpening Drill Bits

As with any construction work, you have to always practice safety procedures. There are many things that can go wrong if you are not careful and aware of the risks involved. Never sharpen your drill bits without wearing eye protection. Your eyes should always be protected in case of any projectiles. Also, keep your hands far from the grinder; instead use a vice to hold the drill bit with. You may also opt to use a pair of pliers for this purpose.