Shed Locks & How To Keep Your Shed Safe

If you keep items of value in your shed, even items of personal value, then use of one of the many shed locks available on the market can help prevent unauthorized access or theft. There are many different styles of shed locks, and the options to consider depend on your shed’s style.

Different Shed Lock Styles

The most common type of shed lock is a padlock. Many shed designs will only work with a padlock, so check the design of your doors before visiting a store. The main weakness of padlocks is they can be cut with bolt cutters. To help prevent this, consider using a cylinder padlock, which are more difficult to cut.

Key locks are like padlocks but utilize a key instead of a combination. They offer a similar level of security to padlocks, and utilizing a cylinder-style key lock offers a greater degree of security than a standard key lock.

If your shed is built with a solid frame and a full door you have the option of a deadbolt. These offer the a high degree of security because they are internal to the door frame and door and cannot be cut with a lock cutter. A main drawback, however, is that they cost more to install.

For added security there are also a few security systems designed specifically for sheds. The most common design uses an infrared motion detector and emits a high pitched sound if the shed door is opened without inputting a code. Consider this option as an extra measure to whatever shed lock you choose for your door.