Shed Plans for the Garden Shed Plans for the Garden

There are plenty of different garden shed plans that people can choose from to find that one that will fit perfectly in their garden or landscaping. Garden sheds are a personal type of outbuilding where people can express themselves in different ways. This can be in the form of color, shape, style, or material used for their garden shed. 

Post and Beam Shed Plans

Fashioned after the traditional barn style of building, this type of garden shed plan is great for a rustic look to your landscaping. Made out of a post and beam construction, they are relatively easy for a beginner shed builder. There are plenty of options to choose from when it comes to this style of garden shed. You can have a basic barn structure, or have one side that is completely open. 

Basic Utility Shed Plans

When it comes to having an out of the way type of garden shed, the basic utility shed is one that fits seamlessly into the surrounding landscape. These nondescript garden sheds can be positioned in a corner of your garden and never be noticed. They can be bought in complete kits of metal or wood construction, or built easily with a step by step plan. Basic stick building construction is used with readily available materials. A single door can slide to open with hinges.

Gable Roof Garden Shed Plan

The gable roof is an easily recognizable form and looks great on a garden shed if your home has the same roof style. This type of shed looks much like a standard utility shed, but with one big distinction; the gable roof. Many options are open to the person building the shed from having a double door opening, a sliding door, one small door on one end, and a large door for tractors and ATV vehicles on another. 

Saltbox Garden Shed Plans

Another great looking shed is one with a saltbox roof. This type of roof is not found in home construction as much anymore and is a throwback to the days of yesteryear. This type of garden shed has a very short front roof overhang with a long, sloping roof on the back. It looks great with a weathered look and those gardens where the outbuildings are a part of the overall landscape. 

Lean-To Garden Shed Plan

For those who want to get started with the most basic of garden shed plans, a lean-to garden shed is the perfect option. With this type of shed you can easily build it as a stand alone shed, or one that is attached to the side of an existing building. It has an open front and is good for storing long handled objects like shovels, rakes, hoes, and weed eaters. Adding a small potting bench is a nice way to do some light work while staying out of the sun.

Mini Garden Shed Plans

If you do not need to have something with a large footprint, a mini garden shed is something that is used for storing a few items, or those that you use a lot. Built to be slim, and tall enough for those long handled garden tools, mini garden shed plans are easy to build and great for small garden areas.

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