Shed Windows: Benefits and Drawbacks

While shed windows have several advantages, including allowing light and air into your shed, you need to be aware of their drawbacks. These are the possibility of damage from window leaks and decreased security for what you store in your shed. Learn more about the pros and cons of installing shed windows below.

Benefit 1: Natural Light

If you often work in your shed doing repairs or preparing plants for the garden, you will greatly appreciate the natural light from windows. Skylight windows in the roof will eliminate interior visibility from outside the shed while still providing natural illumination. Design your shed with a window above your worktable or tool bench to get the greatest benefit from the natural light.

Benefit 2: Ventilation

Shed windows that open and close will allow in cool air from the outdoors and let the warm air inside the shed escape. If you need to keep the inside of your shed cool for storing rubber items, install adjustable ventilation louvers near the floor and near the ceiling as well as openable windows with screens. If your home has transom windows above its doors, add them to your shed as well, with screens to improve ventilation and keep out insects, bats and squirrels.

Benefit 3: Style

A shed with windows and wall finishes that mirror the style of your house will add curb appeal and property value to your home. Add other touches such as window boxes and flowers to make your shed look more like your main property.

Drawback 1: Compromised Security

Even through small shed windows, potential burglars can see valuable bicycles, lawn equipment and power tools. You will need to put up some kind of window covering or use a heavily tinted glass to get around this problem. If you want a window near the main entry or in the shed door, choose one made of shatter-resistant Fiberglas or plastic, to reduce the chances of a successful break-in.

Drawback 2: Diminished Weatherproofing

An improperly installed window or skylight can let in rain, snow or ice, and can be torn out or blown out by a sudden wind gust. Be sure to install your windows and skylights as directed by the manufacturer, or hire a contractor to do it. Apply caulking or weatherstripping to the frames as recommended in the instructions.

Drawback 3: Insect or Rodent Infestation

Small rodents and many kinds of insects will be able to get in through windows that are imperfectly sealed. After you put in your windows or skylight, apply caulking or weatherstripping around the window frame. Ensure you have properly fitting screens for all windows, and keep them in good repair. Replace torn screening immediately.

Best Windows to Install

Choose tempered glass shed windows with an aluminum or vinyl frame. Both of these will withstand years of bad weather and extreme temperatures. They will resist accidental breakage, and all styles come with a lock mechanism to discourage burglars and vandals.

The advantages of properly installed shed windows far outweigh the disadvantages. Consider adding windows to your garden or backyard shed for comfort and attractiveness.