Sheds That Do More Than Store

LP Somerset Shed

An outdoor building can do a lot more than store seasonal equipment. From a personalized workshop to a movie theater getaway, building a dream shed in your backyard can add a lot of value and comfort to your property. Whatever your shed needs, here are a few ways you can get the most out of your outdoor space.

A Place for Backyard Entertainment

If you have a small backyard or are concerned about space, consider building a smaller unit with a supplement platform deck. You can use the inside of the shed for storage purposes or a staging area. The outside deck can serve as an entertainment space for guests or cookouts. You can build the deck to your specific needs and incorporate a number of different elements for entertainment purposes, including a grill, patio furniture, a fire pit, or even outdoor games. Consider covering the deck for added protection against the elements.

An Outdoor Theater Escape

An outdoor shed is not limited to a simple storage unit. You can create an outdoor getaway for late night movies or a personalized workshop for your favorite hobby, such as photography. Not only is this a radically different approach to traditional sheds, but it also frees up space in your home and evokes the feeling of an actual getaway. You can even incorporate insulated walls and ceilings to make the shed a comfortable space, especially if you plan on spending a lot of time in the building throughout the year.

Consider using durable siding such as LP® SmartSide® siding and trim to keep your film and hobby equipment protected from the elements. Not only will your shed have a beautiful finish, but it will keep your guests comfortable and your belongings protected.

Guest Cabins

An extra space for guests is a convenient option for many homeowners, especially around the busy holiday season. Turning a shed into a guest cabin allows a natural break for both you and your guests and can make for a more enjoyable stay. The shed should include a bed or two and extra storage space for personal items. You can even include a small sink or bathroom if you have plumbing options. Adding a small patio equipped with couches and a grill also provides an extra space for guests to relax. Customize the exterior to complement your home and incorporate a few games or a large telescope for nights of endless fun.

LP Gardening Shed

Gardening Spaces

If you love to garden, why limit yourself by only growing outdoors? Extend your gardening season by building a cozy greenhouse you can utilize throughout the year. Roof skylights will allow sun inside while insulated walls and ceilings will help prevent the warm air from escaping. Depending on your climate, this system might enable you to grow plants all year long. You can build the greenhouse shed as big or small as you like and decorate it to fit in with the surrounding landscape.

Beach-Side Shed

Organizing your collection of beach chairs and toys is a challenge for people who live by the water, especially during those hot summer months. Keep your yard in check by constructing a useful storage shed to contain your water-related items. This structure can be built to your specifications, but try to avoid a building that detracts from the beautiful scenery. Instead, opt for a shed that blends in well with the surroundings and provides enough storage space for all of your outdoor needs. You can also consider incorporating a more open layout for easier access to materials and a theme-oriented design to pull everything together.

Many think of sheds as a necessary but unfortunate eyesore for your backyard. However, there are many ways to combine function with aesthetics to create something that your family loves to use and compliments your backyard. LP Outdoor Building Solutions offers many products to help you get creative without sacrificing workability and durability so your projects look beautiful and last a long time.