Sheer Drapery Fabrics Sheer Drapery Fabrics

Sheer drapery fabrics can add a touch of glamor and class to a room. They can set off a sense of romanticism and mystery. There are many different styles of fabric to choose from when buying or making sheer drapes. Sheer drapes normally hang inside the window and act as a covering so that people cannot see into your home. However, they can also be used as window dressing and look appealing when left open and tagged to the sides of French doors or patio doors.


Chiffon is usually made from silk, nylon or rayon. It feels silky to the touch and is a highly attractive material for making drapery.


Organza is a stiffer fabric made from silk, polyester or other synthetic materials. It is also used in the making of evening dresses, so it will hold its shape easily. It is this characteristic that makes it ideal for curtains and other drapery projects


Tulle is a machine-made net consisting of acetate, nylon, rayon or silk. The thinly-veiled texture of tulle is wonderful for letting light into a room


Muslin is a cotton sheer fabric made in various degrees of fineness. It can be printed, woven or embroidered in patterns and is often found in a cotton fabric of plain weave. This fabric is excellent if you want longer sheer drapes that you can ‘puddle’ at the bottom.


Veiling is not so much a type of fabric but more of a drapery creation. As in wedding veil, it is a very fine sheer which can also be used to accessorize windows or French doors. It is a slightly stiffened material when it is starched and can offer different characteristics, depending on how much starch is used.

Possible Uses

Look through any home and garden magazine and you will see plenty of ideas of how to use sheer drapery fabrics in your home. They do not need to be used specifically as curtain or window dressings. They can also be used to veil furniture or be hung from a bed frame to give an extra decorative edge.

Window Dressing

Adding elegance and design to your windows can make a room feel like more than just a living space. With the right drapery, a room can become a tranquil sanctuary. Drapery fabrics either hang as curtains on a rail or can be curled and draped over a curtain pole in twisted shapes, as well as being left to puddle around the floor. This offers a natural, dreamy look to a window.


Little girls’ bedrooms are a great place to use sheer fabrics. A princess-style bed is easily attainable by draping sheer fabric from a frame. The idea is something that will be loved by younger children.

Colors and Patterns

Sheers fabrics come in many colors, so do not think that white is the only choice you have. There are many websites that sell sheer drapery fabrics in hundreds of different colors. Sheer drapery fabrics soften and diffuse the light by adding an airy elegance to the room. Most sheer drapery fabrics come in patterns or with embroidered emblems for that extra touch of class.


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