You Did What With Shelf Liner ?

A shelf.

Consumers around the country are providing alternative uses for non-adhesive, machine-washable shelf liners. The possibilities are endless and these suggestions prove that shelf liner is not just for lining shelves anymore.


"My 3-year-old was constantly walking around the house with my purse. After moving into our new home, I had leftover shelf liner and decided to make a handbag just for her. She never leaves home without it!" -Sara, Atlanta, Ga.

Grocery Bags

"Rather than using the plastic and paper bags at the market, I created my own reusable mesh bag using Original Easy Liner. It's perfect for fruits and vegetables." -Kathleen, New York, N.Y.

Bottle Opener

"I cut a square of the Duck brand Super Grip Easy Liner to get a better grip on bottle and jar lids." -Mary Lou, Kansas City, Mo.

Bath Mat

"When traveling, I use non-adhesive shelf liner as a shower/bath mat. It's particularly useful for the kids. When they were smaller I also used the liner in the infant bathtub; to help keep them from slipping." -Lori, Tallahassee, Fla.

Under Furniture

"Placing Duck brand's Solid Easy Liner under my furniture legs has prevented the furniture from scratching my new oak floor. It also makes so that it doesn't slide every time someone sits down or gets up." -Brooke, Bryan, Ohio


"Using non-adhesive, removable shelf liner as placemats, especially for outdoor patio use, is really ideal. It's not that expensive so you can have a number of different colors and styles in order to change things up a bit!" -Jennifer, Long Beach, Calif.


"I created my own 'sticky footies' on the bottom of my 10-month-old son's pajamas by using Duck brand's Super Grip Easy Liner. Now, when he tries walking in his pj's he has a better grip on the linoleum." -Denise, Burlington, Vt.

Car Organizing

"My car also serves as my office so I have a lot of supplies in it and the dash often serves as my office desk. I use the non-adhesive, grippy shelf liner on the dash to help keep things in place; this way items remain intact when I have to quickly apply the brakes." -Iman, Cleveland, Ohio

Washer/Dryer Surfaces

"I make surfaces like the washer and dryer, or the toilet tank top, useful by placing a liner on top of them. This way I'm protecting the surface while also making it usable." -Barbara, Springfield, Ill.

Stacking Dishes

"When stacking dishes/china, I place non-adhesive shelf liner in between the plates to prevent them from chipping." -Brynn, Roanoke, Va.

Under Rugs

"If you put Super Grip Easy Liner under throw and area rugs they'll stay in place." -Wendy, Denver, Colo.