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Probably the most common shelving system has been the one in which metal tracks are attached to a wall for hanging movable metal brackets. Wood or plastic shelves then rest on the brackets. This is a very simple system to construct. The main concern is that the tracks are attached to the studs behind the wall. To locate the studs, visit the fastener section.

There is, however, an attractive alternative to mounting conventional shelving brackets directly to the wall when you don't want to detract from the visual effect of the wall or paneling, or if you want more wood (or less metal) to show. Create front supports for the shelving system with posts running from floor to ceiling. Space them out from the wall the depth you want your shelves to be. Attach them to the floor by drilling holes at the base and securing them with finishing screws. With these supports you can still use the inexpensive track-and-bracket construction. Attach the shelving brackets to the insides of the posts (facing the wall). This hides the tracks and minimizes the look of the metal.

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