Shingling the Last Row of a Shed Roof

What You'll Need
Utility knife
Chalk for marking
Roofing nails

When putting shingles on a shed roof, you are going to be starting at the top of the roof and ending down at the the edge. But what about the last row? The ridge on the top of the shed? You can buy the ridge caps already made to match your shingles or you can use the same shingles you have been using and cut them to fit the roof cap. The important thing about roofing is to make sure that there are no leaks when the project is complete. The wind and water can lift off the ridge caps if they are not installed properly causing leaks and damage to your home. In order to avoid these potential problems, follow these step by step instructions.

Step 1 - Making the Ridge Caps

Lay the tile face side down on a cutting surface. Draw a line using the chalk and a straight edge from the middle tab straight down the middle, dividing the tile in half. Using your knife, make a diagonal cut on the opposite end of where the tabs are. You are going to cut two 30 degree cuts down the edge of the shingle ending up with three pieces that are diagonally centered. You should now have three triangle tiles with angle tabs for nailing to the roof.

Step 2 - Applying the Tiles

Starting at one end of the roof peak, you want to place the ends of the shingles away from the direction that most storms come from.  Cut the tab off the start shingle so that the edge is smooth and in line with the edge of the roof. Use roof tar to hold down the end of the shingle and nail on both sides of the peak making sure that the tabs from the next tile will cover them. Continue on down the line nailing on both sides and covering the nails with the next shingle tabs. When you get to the last tile, you are going to nail along both sides of the peak and end up with the smooth edge again to put some roof tar along the edge to complete the seal. There will be only two exposed nail heads on this roof and these are it. Make sure you put lots of roof tar on the exposed nail heads to waterproof them and prevent leaks.

Step 3 - Alternate Tiles

You can also buy roof peak tiles that are ready made in different types of materials other than the asphalt tiles. You can use terracotta or copper roof peaks for an accent on your home. These are added expenses and are only for visual effect only. If you just want your roof finished, then cut the tiles or get them matched to your roof for roof peak finishing that is affordable and easy.