Shoji Sliding Doors: Unique Decor for Your Home Shoji Sliding Doors: Unique Decor for Your Home

If you are interested in adding some interesting visuals to your home, installing shoji sliding doors may be a good idea to consider.


Shoji sliding doors originated in Japan, where the word "shoji" refers to a wood frame filled in with translucent paper that can be used either to divide a room, or as a door or a window. Doors constructed in this manner are usually built to open and shut by sliding rather than by rotating. However, the overall visual style has been adapted and translated into a great many situations that the original inventors could not have predicted.


It is possible to buy a shoji sliding door kit from many businesses that can be installed anywhere a sliding door would be appropriate. In fact, the possibilities are nearly limitless. In any situation that you need a room divided, a shoji sliding door is a great thing to use.


Installing a shoji sliding door from a kit involves several steps. Kits generally consist of tracks for the ceiling and floor, door jambs and the door itself. All of these items must be installed in order to give your new shoji sliding door a place to work properly. While careful measurement is important, no specialized tools should be necessary.

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