Shopping at Your Local Decorating Center

When shopping for quality decorating products - paint, wallcoverings, window coverings and floor coverings - it's always a good idea to shop your local independently owned decorating products center. Here are 10 good reasons why:

  1. Local, family-oriented ownership: The person behind the sales counter is likely to be the owner, a family member of the owner, or a long-time employee. If you have a problem or complaint, they will be able to resolve it for you quickly without the need to contact some corporate office in a city hundreds of miles away.
  2. Quality goods: Locally owned stores emphasize the need for quality products to complete your decorating projects - not only quality paint but quality brushes, rollers, tools and preparation materials. In the long run, quality saves you money because your decorating project will last longer.
  3. Expert painting advice: If you are perplexed about how to prepare your surface for painting or papering, your local decorating center will be able to guide you to the right products and give you step-by-step instructions for completing your job.
  4. One-stop shopping: Local paint and wallpaper stores are so much more than that today! They truly live up to the name of "decorating centers." In addition to paint and wallpaper, many stores sell coordinating fabrics, window treatments, draperies, floor coverings and accessories. The staffs of these stores have the expertise to pull a coordinated decorating package together for you.
  5. Personalized attention: Bigger isn't always better. Smaller, neighborhood stores have friendly staffs who will greet you with a smile and will take the time to spend with you. If you're in the market for wallcoverings, they'll take you through their sample library. If you are confused about what coating to use on your deck, they'll take the time to explain the various attributes of the products they carry.
  6. Shop-at-home services: Many decorating centers will send a decorator to your home to help you select colors and products that work with your existing decor. It is not unusual for these stores to apply any sort of shop-at-home fee toward your decorating products purchase.
  7. Decorating clinics: Many stores will offer free consumer decorating clinics. Subjects can run the gamut from how-to-hang wallcoverings to how-to-sponge-paint to how-to-coordinate colors. Decorating experts can provide you with the confidence and information you need to pursue virtually any type of decorating project.
  8. Neat ideas: Your local decorating center can show you how to use wallcovering borders creatively or how to use the latest labor-saving painting tools. The staff will be excited to show you new products that will make your decorating experiences more fun and worthwhile.
  9. Custom color-matching: Would you like your living room wall to match the color of your favorite dress or tie? Would you like to touch up the paint in the kitchen but need some paint to match? Most paint and decorating stores today have color-matching computers which will enable you to have the exact colors you want.
  10. Reasonable prices: You don't have to shop a big store to get a good price. Many decorating stores have a large selection of products in various price ranges. They can meet your paint and decorating needs while also meeting the criteria of your pocketbook.
Courtesy of the Paint and Decorating Retailers Association -