Should a Furnace Fan Run Continuously?

A furnace fan, being the main component of a furnace, moves heated air to where there is a need, and is used during both summer and winter seasons. Most people, especially those residing in older houses, prefer to run the fan all day and all night. Nevertheless, there are downsides, such as wear and tear, plus the additional chore of changing the filters regularly and the spiked electricity costs. However, there are benefits too.

Temperature Regulation

Who wants to smell their gym socks in the kitchen? Retained smells implies trapped air. With the furnace fan’s key task being circulation, when it is allowed to run ad infinitum lingering musty smells in any given room will be eliminated. It also evens out the temperatures in the house, regardless of the levels that comprise it.


We all need to limit the settling of dust in our homes. The risk of colds and flu is reduced, as the fan forces the air to circulate.

Although some may find the background hum of the fan’s motor comforting, it may irritate others. In addition, starting and stopping the fan leads to the slow death of the motor, the motor itself needing additional amps just to get going.