Should I Seal My Concrete Countertops? Should I Seal My Concrete Countertops?

Once you have decided on concrete countertops, the question becomes whether you should seal them or not. Since concrete is extremely porous, it is highly recommended that you do seal the concrete countertops in kitchens and bathrooms. This is to avoid unsightly stains that will naturally occur in these areas of the home.

Polish First

Once the countertop is finished, polishing is the next step. Polishing the countertop will give the desired top shine and finish that is more attractive than the look of plain concrete.


After polishing, you must wait at least 48 hours before sealing. This will prevent the possibility of having to start all over.

Apply Sealer

Sealing is the final step and will give the countertop the final layer of protection. It is important to follow all manufacturers’ instructions. It is also important to purchase and apply a well-known brand with a good reputation. This will help avoid the necessity of reapplying again in four to six months.

Why Sealer?

Choosing not to apply sealer to your concrete kitchen or bathroom countertop will result in an unattractive finish. The countertop will easily scratch, stain and crack. This will also create an unsanitary condition to areas where food is prepared.

It doesn’t take that much more effort to apply sealer to your countertop. The advantage of sealing the countertop far outweighs any disadvantage.

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