Should You Apply Sealant on Your Glazed Ceramic Tile?

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Glazed ceramic creates a beautiful and elegant floor. Many people are confused about whether they should apply sealant to their glazed ceramic tile. Here are a few things to consider about putting sealant on a glazed ceramic tile floor.

Sealing Glazed Ceramic

A glazed ceramic floor is very shiny. Unlike other ceramic tile, glazed ceramic tile does not require any type of sealant. The top layer will not allow anything to penetrate the glaze; therefore, sealing the tile itself would be overkill. It could potentially make it too slippery when wet. If you have a matte finish without glaze, it may be to your advantage to seal the tile in order to stains.

Sealing the Grout

If you have glazed tile, that does not mean that you should not apply sealant to the grout between the tiles. Grout is very porous; you need to make sure that it is sealed properly to make it look as good as the tile.