Should You Glaze Your Maple Cabinets?

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Maple cabinets are very beautiful and make a great choice for any home. There are essentially 4 finishing choices for finishing maple cabinets: painting, glazing, staining, or leaving them natural. Glazing is a popular finishing option for maple cabinets, but should you do it is a good question that this article will help to answer.

Additional Finishing Steps

When you glaze maple cabinets it should be known that glaze does not dry. The glaze sets up a little bit, but never dries as it is meant to be applied to moving objects. After you glaze the maple cabinets you will need to spray finish the cabinets.

Light to Dark

A glaze is best used on maple cabinets if you're planning on keeping the natural maple color. If you attempt to darken the maple cabinets with the glaze then the finished result will not be the best.

Antique Finish

If you want your maple cabinets to look old, weathered, or antiqued then glaze can certainly be used. Glazing is an easy way to make wood look dirty.


Glazing compound can be brushed on maple cabinets, but so can stain. Stain can also be applied with a rag and other techniques. Glazing, however, will become cloudy with too much glaze.