Should You Install an Indoor Trampoline?

A trampoline is a great way of having fun and getting exercise, but an indoor trampoline is not something most people consider. Having an indoor trampoline requires certain criteria that can prevent damage and accidents.


If you intend on installing a trampoline indoors, you can opt for a smaller version which allows for ceiling height when you jump. Mini trampolines only stand at around a foot high, and can offer better clearance for your jumping. If you have very high ceilings, a larger trampoline can be more suitable, but take measurements before you buy.


You also should consider whether the floor is strong enough to support the trampoline, and the weight of the person jumping on it. Bear in mind that momentum will have an impact on the overall weight distribution as you land on the trampoline, and the pressure of your weight will seem more than your actual weight.

Room Space

Decide whether you have a room large enough to offer arm clearance as well as ceiling height clearance. If the indoor trampoline you intend on buying is a larger one, you won’t want to be slamming your arms against a wall every time you flex them outward. You also need to consider how much walking space you have around the trampoline, so that it can be accessed easily.