Should You Paint Your Vinyl Fence?

The question of whether or not a homeowner should paint a vinyl fence is either yes or no. If painting a vinyl fence provides additional protection for the fence and does not detract from its usefulness, then painting it should not be a question. If on the other hand painting your vinyl fence does not provide any additional level of protection for the fence or enhance its look, then painting the fence would not be a worthwhile exercise.

The Reason for Vinyl Fencing

Vinyl fencing, like vinyl siding found on a home, is liked by a homeowner because of its low maintenance. Having a vinyl fence usually means that the owner does not have to paint or performance much by way of maintenance work, aside from an occasional washing with a garden hose to remove dirt. A vinyl fence is designed to last a long time and outlast a comparable wooden fence.

Reasons for Painting a Vinyl Fencing

A reason that a homeowner may wish to paint a vinyl fence is to change the color. Another reason may be to make the fence appear new. For whatever reason that a homeowner may choose to paint a vinyl fence, doing so is a labor intensive process. For starters, the vinyl fence surface needs to be prepared with a primer that adheres to vinyl surfaces. Once primed, an epoxy-based paint has to be applied. Any other type of paint will not adhere to the vinyl surface and will have to be removed.

Reasons Not to Paint a Vinyl Fence

The durability of a vinyl fence to withstand different weather conditions should negate the need to paint it. Vinyl can withstand rain, snow and other types of inclement weather that would make a wood fence look old and worn. Most vinyl fences are treated in a way to retain their look for many years and should not need to be replaced or repaired. A vinyl fence should be stronger than a wood fence and able to last through the life of a homeowner’s occupancy.

Understanding the Effort Required to Paint a Vinyl Fence

A homeowner that decides to make a cosmetic change to the appearance of their home may find that they have a need to also paint their vinyl fence. Maybe a neutral white vinyl fence no longer looks good in contrast to the new color chosen for the exterior of the home. Under such a circumstance a homeowner that is willing to invest the time and energy to paint their vinyl fence should feel free to do so. Understanding that such an undertaking may help satisfy the aesthetic need of the homeowner may be worth the effort.

Getting Ideas for Your Vinyl Fence

Using online software provided by many paint makers can help a homeowner see the effects of painting a vinyl fence in contrast to the home. Using these utilities, a homeowner can play with different paint color combinations, obtain information concerning the effort and time involved and make an informed decision regarding painting the vinyl fence. This may help a homeowner decide definitively whether they should paint their vinyl fence or not.