Should You Protect an Air Conditioner Unit During Winter?

Because you have invested a substantial sum in your air conditioner unit, you will want to protect it during winter. The correct type of protective cover will guard the external components of your central air conditioning system against the bad weather effects of winter. Learn more about these protective air conditioner covers below.

How Not to Cover Your Air Conditioner Unit

Do not cover any air conditioner with an airtight, waterproof tarpaulin or box. These covers allow moisture to build up inside the enclosure that will corrode and rust the stainless steel parts of the condenser and compressor.

How to Cover Your Air Conditioner

Upon buying and installing a split-system central air conditioner, contact a manufacturer of custom-made air conditioner covers, such as Brinmar,  to obtain one that is specially designed for the exterior parts of your air conditioner. It will have vents to allow air circulation, and will cover the component housing to about 1/2 inch above the base. This will prevent dangerous moisture buildup inside the cover. If you live in a climate with dry, cool winters that are nearly snow-free, sheath the external air conditioner components in a mesh cover to keep out sand, leaves and twigs.