Should You Prune Your Aloe Vera?

As the aloe vera plant continues to grow it will seem to be getting out of control. The leaves are spilling over the pot, they are beginning to curl up and discolor and it is beginning to look unhealthy. Should you prune your Aloe Vera plant like other plants?

Aloe Vera Produces Separate Plants

Some of what you are seeing may be different Aloe Vera plants that have begun growing separately from the main plant. As they grow it will begin to fill the pot and take the nutrients out of the soil causing the plants to look unhealthy. Transplanting these new plants will help with the overall health.

Remove Dead Leaves

While it isn't exactly pruning, you should remove the plants that are curling up and dying. They eventually fall off to make room for new growth, but removing them will help the plant heal quicker.

Prune Only to Manage

In most cases, pruning plants is to keep them down to a manageable size and encourage new growth. An Aloe Vera plant takes care of that by itself. Most of the species will only grow to be a few inches tall, and my reach up to 12 inches. Prune the leaves only when you see the need to thin out some of the new leaves that are growing over the top of others.