Should You Repair or Replace Your Slate Roof?

A slate roof can be quite the attraction for a home, but it comes with the downside of being a bit expensive. When problems arise with the roof, it might make you question whether or not you should simply repair the roof or replace it altogether. Consider the following when making your decision.

Longevity of Slate Roofs

Even though slate roofs cost a lot of money to put in, they are said to last 5 times longer than other roofs on the market. For that investment, the chances of having to replace or repair the roof are significantly lowered. You may not have to worry about that at all.

Potential Poor Installation

One thing you do risk when purchasing a slate roof is working with a company that, quite literally, doesn't know what they are doing. If you have a bad installation, chances are the problems that come from your roof will be too great to just repair. In that case, replacement is the most viable option.

The Severity of the Problem

Slate roofing is delicate to a degree, so if you have a bunch of different areas to repair, you might be better off replacing everything to save in labor costs. However, if there are just a few patches to worry about, you may be okay with a simple repair. In the end, you can always get estimates from roofing professionals on how much the replacement and the repairs would cost. If you can save money by repairing the roof on your own, then do that above anything else.