Should You Replace Car Keys with a Remote?

Instead of car keys, most new cars these days come equipped with a keyless entry system which uses a fob you carry on your key ring. The fob is actually a tiny radio transmitter. When you activate the transmitter by pushing the button, it sends a code to the receiver in your car, thus relaying the command for the doors to unlock.

Why Go Keyless?

The keyless entry system has become preferred over keys for a variety of reasons. It is considered to be more secure, allowing users to quickly open a car door without the need to actually have to touch the car. In a dark parking garage or unfamiliar area, this is definitely preferable to fumbling with keys. In addition, many people find that it is simply more convenient to have remote entry.

How to Switch

If your vehicle did not come with a remote entry system, it is possible to purchase and install a system at any time. If you choose to equip your vehicle with a remote entry system, you can easily find aftermarket keyless entry systems online. The receiver and remote are sold as a set, and come with instructions for installing in the vehicle and programming both components. Once installed and programmed, you will no longer need to use a key to unlock your vehicle.