Should You Upgrade Your Fridge or Stove?

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Is it worth it to get a new stove? Is it worth it to get a new fridge? With DIY home updating on the rise, you've probably asked yourself these questions a time or two. Updating your fridge and stove can be a big financial commitment, so it's good to brush up on a few things before you pull the plug on your old appliances.

Why People Update Their Fridge

If you've got an old fridge, chances are it's power-hungry—literally. Old appliances, especially older fridges, are notorious for adding extra to your electric bill every month. That being said, if you want a new fridge, for this reason, it's time to do a little math.

Look at the specific makes and models of new refrigerators that you're looking to buy. How much will the new fridge actually save you in the long run compared to the new fridge's cost? If the numbers work out in your favor, it may be time to purchase a new fridge.

The average fridge has a lifetime of about thirteen years, but as time moves, your fridge can slow. Instead of paying for lots of repairs, people update their fridges to avoid the extra cost at the end of a fridge's life.

Signs that your fridge is going to die include the back being hot to the touch, your food spoiling quickly, condensation on the outside of the fridge, and lots of noise. Instead of being caught off guard one day when the fridge chills its final chicken, some people will replace their fridge when it starts to slow.

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Budgeting also plays a part in fridge replacement. Many people know they need to replace their fridges, so they start budgeting ahead of time. Since a new fridge is no small purchase, some savvy folks pinch pennies well in advance so they can replace the fridge when they want to.

And lastly, people replace their fridge for an updated look. When you're going full Joanna Gaines on your kitchen and upgrading it on a budget, big appliances like a fridge often need an upgrade (or a little DIY love) to match the new look. If you want to replace your fridge for this reason, consider giving it a DIY treatment first to save yourself a little money. We've seen firsthand how a little paint or even removable wallpaper—should you be so bold—can give your fridge a whole new look for cheap.

Why People Update Their Stove

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Is it worth it to upgrade your stove? Lots of people are replacing their stoves right now because of how much time we've all spent in our homes due to COVID. More time at home equals more time to plan out a dream kitchen.

Stoves can't be DIY modified the way a fridge can when it comes to updating for aesthetic reasons. Because of that, a stove can be a costly part of your DIY kitchen upgrade. If you want to update your stove to something that fits your design style, be patient and wait for a sale to get the most bang for your buck.

Stoves last for about ten years, which is a big reason why people update their stoves right around that mark. If your stove heats unevenly, if the glass is cracked, or if your stove no longer lights, it's time to consider an upgrade. People replace their stoves at this point because often, the cost of a repair is around half of the cost of the stove itself.

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People also upgrade their stoves to switch types. Whether you want a gas or glass top, different stove types work better for different families. They also have different price points.

People can scrimp and save to upgrade their range from classic coils to a new glass top, but before you do, remember to do a little math. If you want to upgrade purely to switch oven types, see if it financially makes more sense to wait and save or to pull the trigger before your stove is gone for good.

Whether you decide to replace your appliances or not, check out our guide to great kitchen design here.