Should You Use a Chemical Toilet Clog Remover?

A toilet clog is one of the most dreaded occurrences that a homeowner has to deal with. Unfortunately, this may be a common occurrence, especially if the construction is faulty. An easy way to unclog a toilet is to use a chemical clog remover. These materials react with the clogged deposits and break them down so that they can be flushed down. Most chemical toilet clog removers are harsh, corrosive and acidic, which is why they are so effective in clearing blocks. Consider the several health issues and the environmental impact of these products before you use one.

Health Issues

A chemical toilet clog remover that is poured down the toilet will release toxic fumes. When inhaled, these toxins cause immediate or delayed reactions in your body. Even after you flush down the clog, the toxic gases still remain in your living space. These materials can cause permanent respiratory ailments, headaches and nausea. Some have even been linked to long-term effects, such as cancer and alteration in hormone levels. These toxins are even more deadly to young children and must never be used in their vicinity.

Chemical toilet clog removers are also quite deadly if you do not take adequate precautions when using them. Wear protective clothing, gloves, eye protection and a respiratory mask when you use these products. If you splash some on your skin, it will burn the tissue badly. Also, there is a chance of volatile reactions in the toilet when you pour down the clog remover. If some of the liquid splatters out and lands on you, it could be very dangerous. These toxic chemicals can cause blindness if they contact your eyes. Ingestion can lead to death.

Environmental Issues

After we use a chemical toilet clog remover, it flushes down the drain and enters the drainage system. You must never use one of these products if you have a sewage system, because it will destroy all the beneficial bacteria. Once these toxins enter the drainage system they leech into the environment and enter our waterways and soils. These products are therefore a bad idea for the environment as well.

It is also important to remember never to use chemical drain cleaners in combination with other chemicals. In addition to the danger of poisonous fumes, you may also see a violent chemical reaction. Keeping in mind all these negative factors, it is best to avoid use of chemical toilet clog removers. Try out some of the safer alternatives to remove a toilet clog.

Alternatives to a Chemical Toilet Clog Remover

Even if you have to put in some effort, a plunger or a sewer snake are much safer options and are often effective in removing toilet clogs. You can prevent many clogs by following a weekly ritual of pouring boiling water down the toilet. Avoid this practice if the pipes are plastic. A mixture of baking soda and vinegar can also produce chemical reactions that can successfully break down toilet clogs. If these options do not work, consider contacting a plumber.