Shower Base Tile Installation Shower Base Tile Installation

What You'll Need
Tile grout
Mortar trowel
Mortar (thin set)
Floor tiles

Tiles are often installed in the shower base in order to provide additional protection against moisture, as well as to ensure that you stand on a smooth, safe surface in the shower. Follow these steps to install tiles on your shower base.

Step 1 - Position the Tiles

Draw 2 bisecting lines on the shower base. Use a square to ensure that you get the right positioning of the lines. Position the tiles along the marked line and place spaces between them. Arrange the tile as if filling an empty grid. For the spot where the drain is located, mark the outline of the drain on the tiles that covers it. Make sure that the tiles are positioned in such a way that the spaces between them allow you to see the drain.

Step 2 - Installing of the Tiles

Remove the pre-positioned tiles while marking which tiles fit which space. Apply mortar on the space around the drain and carefully position each tile. Add spaces between the tiles. Leave the tiles overnight before you apply grout on the spaces in between the tiles. Remove extra grout using rags or a wet sponge.

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