Shower Head Whistles: Determining the Problem

A noisy shower head can be all that is needed to disrupt what would normally be a relaxing shower. By understanding the possible causes for it whistling, you can determine the best way to rectify the problem.

Mineral Deposits

When mineral despots build up in the hose and the shower head, it can prevent the water from escaping as it should. This can not only cause the water to spray at an angle, but can also cause the shower to whistle. Check the shower nozzle for any signs of a blockage, which will appear as off-white deposits in hard water areas.      

Loose Fasteners

Loose connectors can cause water to escape from the wrong point, resulting in the shower head whistling. Check whether water is inadvertently f lowing from a point where the shower hose meets the tap or the shower head and tighten the fasteners to ensure the water follows the correct route.

Shower Pump

If you need to make use of a shower pump to increase the water pressure, you may find that it is defective if the shower head whistles. This should be checked in addition to the water supply as it could mean that air is being pumped through the system, rather than water. If necessary, replace the shower pump and make sure it is properly connected to the water supply.