Shower Pan Plumbing Basics Shower Pan Plumbing Basics

Shower pan drains come in a variety of designs, from the drain which is at the center of a sloping concrete base to the drain at the side, which collects water as it falls from the shower. Within the drain, there are 4 main parts. They connect to a drain outlet which is connected to the subfloor.

Shower Pan Drain Parts

The 4 main parts of the shower pan drain are the drain base, the adjustable drain barrel, the strainer, and the drain clamp ring. The drain base is what connects the shower pan with the drain outlet. It is also the end point for most concrete bases. The strainer is also important, as it prevents debris from clogging the plumbing. Drain barrels control the flow of water to the outlet.

Shower Pan Liner

As important as the drain is for taking away moisture from the shower pan, the liner also keeps the water flowing away from the ceilings of the floors below. The liner has a number of channels installed in the fabric. Water collected by the liner runs into the drain from the liner, ensuring that the base of the shower does not become waterlogged.

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