Shower Pan Replacement Options

shower pan

There are different reasons to replace a shower pan. Your shower pan may have deteriorated enough that it warrants replacement. You may be doing a full bathroom remodeling project and will need to swap out the old shower pan for a new unit.

There are different types of shower pans that should be used for the different types of showers or bathtubs. For example, there was a period when tiled floors were common in bathrooms. Then homes were constructed with pre-fabricated showers and bath-tubs. In the early 2000's, bathroom tiles saw an increase in installation. Below are your replacement options.

Shower Pans With Tile

For a tiled shower, add a waterproof membrane. This membrane is installed under the tiles of your shower base. The water proof membrane prevents water damage to the bathroom floor. After the membrane is laid, you will lay a layer of mortar, then your tiles.

This type of shower pan can be purchased in many different sizes, colors, designs, or materials. It is ideal when you want to create a shower that is a little different than a standard shower.

Pre-Fabricated Shower Pan

Pre-constructed shower pans can be purchased at any local home improvement center. They are the most common and widely used type of shower pan on the market. If you head to the local home improvement store, you can find these shower pans constructed from a fiberglass or a composite material. Both of these materials provide stability and durability to the shower pan.

Pre-fabricated pans are not available in many options. They are usually only found in square shapes and in shapes that compensate for standard angles found in the corners of showers. In addition, you can order this type of shower pan so that it is molded or formed to the shower seat. It can be constructed right inside the shower unit itself.

These shower pans do have great benefits. They are durable and do not break down; therefore, they reduce the exposure to any water damage. They are also light and easy to install.

When to Replace the Shower Pan

With both options, you will need to be conscious about when you need to replace the shower pan. If you see signs of water damage and leaking, you may need to think about a replacement.

The shower pans that are used in tile showers generally can be fixed several times before you need to replace them. With a little tile work and re-waterproofing, you can extend the life of your tiled shower pan for several months and even over a year. The pre-fabricated pan, on the other hand, is not as easy to just fix. It will generally require a full replacement once a leak has been determined.