Shower Remodel Guide - Installing A Curtain Rod


A shower remodel does not have to be a major project that requires lots of time or materials. In fact, installing a new curtain rod is a great way to spruce up your shower and your entire bathroom.

There are 2 main types of curtain rod available, both of which are easy to install. The first is fastened to the wall using spring tension, and the other is mounted to the wall with screws.

Installing a Spring Tension Curtain Rod

In terms of simple bathroom remodeling tasks, it doesn’t get any easier than installing a spring tension curtain rod. Your first step is to determine the center point of the shower opening in order to ensure that you square the curtain rod to your shower. To find the center of your shower opening, measure the distance from your shower wall to the edge of your shower base. Take this measurement at both ends of the shower to compensate for unevenness in the wall.

Once you’ve determined the proper location, simply expand the rod so that it is slightly larger than the opening. These rods use a spring to create tension against each wall, thus holding everything in place. Every few weeks, check the rod for slipping against the wall and adjust the tension if necessary.

Installing a Fixed Curtain Rod

As with the spring tension rod, you first need to determine the center point of your shower opening. Once you’ve marked the center point at both ends of the shower base, transfer the mark to the desired height of the curtain rod. Using the mounting hardware provided with the rod, mark the holes on the bracket with a pencil.

Use a variable speed drill to pre-drill the holes for the mounting brackets. If your shower is finished in tile, you will need a special bit to drill through the tile without cracking it. Once you’ve mounted the brackets, attach the curtain and drop the rod.