Shower Remodeling Ideas

Shower remodeling is a major project but putting in the right model can make your home bathroom feel like a luxury spa. Here are a few ideas to help you achieve your perfect shower makeover.

Tub or No Tub?

If your current shower also has a tub, you may want to think about getting rid of it, especially if you don't take many baths. This could free up more room in your bathroom for storage or for other new fixtures such as toilets and wash basins. Having a shower without a tub gives your bathroom a spacious feel and can showcase decorative tiles better, should you choose to add them. Remember that showers are more eco-friendly because they use much less water than bathtubs.

If you'd like to keep the tub, why not move it and make it separate from the shower? If you have the space, a claw-foot tub will add style and provide a strong focal point to your bathroom. If a claw-foot tub is not your style, there are hundreds of different kinds of tubs to choose from, including those with unusual copper trim or whirlpool baths for a jacuzzi-like feel.


You will need tiles to protect the wall from moisture, and these can be the foundation of your bathroom design. A basic design would be to use white, thumb-sized tiles running all the way around your shower room. You could also add a splash of color by choosing a strip of different colored tiles to run vertically down one wall or as a border along the top of all walls. You could even place the strip in the middle of the shower area.

Another idea is to choose bigger tiles and create a decorative design in the middle of one wall. Alternatively, why not combine different sizes of tiles? There are also hand-painted tiles to choose from, some of which depict a scene or provide abstract designs that would add a unique arty feel to your shower room. If a rustic look is more your style, you could go for tiles with an earth tone or terracotta look. If you've got a sizable budget, why not hire a mosaic artist to create a tile mural that will have everyone marveling at your new shower and bathroom.

Shower heads

You can upgrade your shower simply by changing the type of shower head. Don't just settle for any kind of shower head as you can easily transform your shower into a spa with just this one fixture. A luxurious option is a rainfall shower head that you may have seen in hotels.

Alternatively, you could install another kind of fixed shower head with the option of different settings. This ensures you can have a different kind of shower experience depending on your mood. Most have settings such as jet massage, heavy waterfall, soft stream and soft drops. If you're going to splash out, you could go for some body jets as well. These are installed on the shower walls at different heights, so the water hits you from all angles for a truly relaxing and luxurious shower.