Shower System Design Ideas

A shower system is an integral part of a bathroom. Whether you are planning to install a new shower system or remodel the existing one, you should be aware of the various options available in the market.

A shower system can range from a simple shower with one nozzle only, with different shower heads, a spa-cum-shower as well as a full spa therapy system.

The simplest solution to replace your old shower system with a new one would be to replace the current shower head with a multi-head spa shower head. There are several heads available that target different your shoulders, chest and legs. They are also computer controlled and can change the temperature according to the body part at which the shower is directed. There are also showers available where a rainfall shower can change into a waterfall shower with the flip of a switch. Some systems also help you to exfoliate and deep cleanse your body.

Handheld Showers

Handheld showers are available where you can use the handheld hose to direct the water as necessary. You can also turn the ring on the shower to control the spray setting from softer to forceful spray.

There are also glass-enclosed shower panels that have a demarcated walk-in area where you can towel-dry yourself.

Tub Showers

Tub showers are available where you step into a tub with a shower system overhead. Some tubs have clear glass at the bottom to give the effect of being underwater.

Lighted Showers

Lighted showers beam down rays of light on you. The reflection of the light in each drop of water makes for a refreshing shower.

Slider Showers

Slider showers join a wall mounted shower system with an overhead shower system. The shower panel can be adjusted to act as a body and shoulder massage system.

Eco-Friendly Shower System

Before purchasing a shower system, you will need to know the amount of money you can afford to spend. Be clear about your requirements for functionality or aesthetics. Eco-friendly shower systems are also available. Measure the space available in your bathroom for the shower, including doors and connections.

Eco-friendly showers are available at competitive rates. Many shower systems recycle the water used while taking a shower. Some have also implemented a feature that limits the amount of clean water going down the drain. This is done by segregating the soapy water. Once you have finished cleaning yourself with soap, you let the soapy water flow away. Then, a reservoir which is full of clean water is recycled as long as you are running the shower. The water also can be pressurized and heated to the temperature set on the control panel. After finishing the shower, you can press a button to sanitize and rinse the shower walls and floor. The system will now be ready for the next user.