How to Install a Shower Tub

What You'll Need
Pipe wrench
Blow torch
Pipe threader

Because so many homeowners are trying to save money on renovations, shower tub installations are more often being completed as a DIY project. Not only will you will save much money in labor costs, but you will also get some personal satisfaction when you complete the job. Follow these steps to install a shower tub.

Step 1 - Demolition

The first step will be to shut off the water to your shower and tub. Then remove the paneling or gypsum board surrounding the pipes. To do so, use your router or dry wall saw to cut the area where you will be working. Once the workspace is clear and the water is off, run your drains for the water trap and pipes.

Step 2 - Shower and Tub Placement

Bring your tub into the bathroom and place it where it will sit. When placing your tub, ensure that it drains into the drain pipe that you have previously installed. Once you have ensured that the tub will drain properly, fasten it to the wall and floor. Be careful not to damage the space.

Step 3 - Connections

You are now ready to connect the drain pipes to the tub. When making these connections, ensure that everything is sealed properly to prevent water and gas leaks. Sewage gas can also accumulate, producing both a foul stench and a hazard.

Step 4 - Connect the Spigot

You are now ready to connect the spigot. Always adhere to the manufacturer’s directions. Thread your pipes using the pipe threader. Once you have connected the bottom spigot, run the pipe for the showerhead.

Step 5 - Inspection

Once you have completed your installation, have the work inspected by a certified plumber to make sure that all of your fittings are correct. Once you have properly sealed all pipes and water runs, you can then reinstall gypsum board.