Shutter Shades

Window coverings can be very expensive; so many people opt for cheap plastic mini-blinds.  Shutter shades are so much more attractive and not that much more expensive.  Trading out your old mini-blinds for shutter shades can completely transform your home.

Why Choose Shutter Shades?

Shutter shades can be purchased in actual wood for a pretty hefty price, but plastic versions of shutter shades with a wood grain are readily available and affordable.  Unlike regular mini-blinds, shutter shades are very rigid.  This means they not only look much better, but will last much longer.  Shutter shades don’t bend and break every time your kitty or your toddler decides to look out the window. 

Shutter shades have much wider blades than regular mini-blinds.  This means that they look very substantial.  It also means that shutter shades block out more light when closed and allow a clearer view when open.  Shutter shades install just like regular mini-blinds and can be cut to size with ease.  Most stores do this at no additional charge.

Shutter shades can also be easily shortened to fit your exact window height.  By saving the extra slats and string, you can even reattach them later should you want to move them to a longer window.