Side View Mirror Repair: How to Install a Side View Mirror Side View Mirror Repair: How to Install a Side View Mirror

What You'll Need
Replacement mirror
Matching paint
Masking tape
Hooked pick
Window crank removal tool

Knowing the process of side view mirror repair can come in handy as many people break or damage their side view mirrors. This is mainly because these are sticking out and not everyone can successfully navigate tight spaces or remember to turn in their mirrors. You can save a lot of money by ordering the new mirror and installing it yourself.

Step 1 – Check Online

You will need to order your replacement side view mirror. The best place to search is online. Make sure you know the part number to get the right size but you can find some great deals online versus ordering through the manufacturer.

Step 2 – Get RIght Color Paint

You will also need to get some paint that matches your car. You can easily find the factory paint color code to match your car and get some paint and primer. The best kind is aerosol touch up paint.

Step 3 – Paint the Mirror

Once the mirror arrives, you will want to paint it. Tape off the glass with masking tape. Then spray on the primer and paint according to the directions. You will want to apply several coats of the primer and then several of the paint.  You will need to paint it in a well ventilated area with eye protection and a face mask to protect your lungs.

Step 4 – Remove Trim Panel

If you have a power mirror then you will need to remove the door trim panel in order to get to the electrical connection. If you have a manual mirror then you will not need to remove the trim panel. The hard part of removing the rim panel is finding the screws behind the decorative vanity caps. The first place to look is in the armrest and then under the pull area or behind the speakers. You can pry the screws off using a hooked pick. Once you have the screws off then remove the fasteners. With the fasteners removed you can lower the window and remove the trim.

Step 5 – Disconnect the Electrical Cable

Now you can disconnect the electrical cable on the mirror. Unscrew the screws that attach it to the car door and take off the mirror. Reattach your new mirror and reconnect the electric cable.

Step 6 – Put the Door Trim

You now need to put the door trim back on. Follow the above steps but do it in reverse. You will need to hit the trim with a small rubber mallet or your fist. This is also needed to refasten the fasteners.

Step 7 – Remove Window Crank

If you have a hand crank window in your car then there is an extra step to removing the trim. You have to remove the window crank first. In order to do this you will need to get a special window crank removal tool. This tool will slide onto the crank and will release the spring clips. Once the trim is back on you will then need to put the window crank back on.

Make sure you have all the tools you need before starting as it can be very difficult to remove the trim and window crank without the proper tools. These can easily be found online and are very inexpensive at about $5 each.

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