Sidewalk Pavers vs Sidewalk Blocks Sidewalk Pavers vs Sidewalk Blocks

Sidewalk pavers and blocks can both be used to create a sidewalk in your backyard or garden areas. There are many decisions you will have to make when you first set out to create a sidewalk. One of these decisions is in which material to use to make the sidewalk. The following information will give good and bad points for both sidewalk blocks and sidewalk pavers.

Cost of Materials

Sidewalk pavers cost much more than any sidewalk blocks you will find. This is because sidewalk pavers are actual stone whereas the blocks are basic concrete forms.


You obviously want your sidewalk area to stand out and with this in mind you will certainly want to use pavers. They do cost more, but they are worth it. You can find pavers that are reproduction pieces made from other materials, but they will not be as stunning or unique as the real thing. Sidewalk blocks are basic concrete and are not very compelling.

Installation Procedures

Both pavers and blocks are both installed relatively the same way and both can be installed by you. Laying sidewalk blocks is relatively easier than sidewalk pavers. This is because blocks are more uniform while pavers are random in size and shape.

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