Sideways Air Conditioner Installation

A window AC unit.
What You'll Need
AC unit
Screwdriver or drill
Wood support

Air conditioner installation is a tricky business, and sometimes it seems that there is just not enough room on the wall to fit all the elements of the air conditioner. One solution to this problem has been to turn the air conditioner unit on its side, in order to make it fit into the space. However, this can be very dangerous behavior for a number of reasons, including the chance that the AC unit will run out of oil, and catch fire. Despite this danger, there are some elements of the unit which can be turned on the side to increase maneuverability. Sideways air conditioner installation is a tricky business, but it is possible if you take care.

Step 1 - Get the Right Air Conditioner

The most important thing to be done when purchasing an air conditioner is making sure that you have the right model. If you plan to install the AC unit sideways, you will need a system that will allow you to place parts in this position. Some units will not allow this, so you may have to talk to a salesperson about exactly what you need before buying.

Step 2 - Sort the Pieces

Make sure that you read the instructions carefully before mounting the pieces of the unit. Separate all the parts of the air conditioner that can be turned sideways and install them first. The pieces that have to be installed at the correct angle should then be fitted around these. Install the sideways pieces by unscrewing the case, and using this to mark areas on the wall where they are to be fitted. Some AC units will need support, so you will need to consider this when performing a sideways air conditioner installation.

Step 3 - Fit the Support

If you are installing the AC unit sideways, you may need to provide additional support at the bottom. Decide where your unit should go, and then build a small shelf using two brackets, and a length of wood. Screw the wood to the bracket, and you will have shelf-like support. Place your AC unit on this, and then screw the case to the wall. If you have a very solid wall, you can drill spaces into the wall before placing the case, and then screwing through the holes.

Step 4 - Connect Everything

Once all of your AC unit is installed, you will need to connect the pieces which are sideways, and the ordinary parts together. Take care when doing this, and follow the maker's instructions carefully, as a mistake at this point can cause the AC unit to malfunction. Once all the pieces are connected, start the unit and make sure that it is fully functional.

Step 5 - Consider Alternatives

As previously noted, installing an AC unit on its side is a dangerous practice. If you are at all unsure about how to follow the maker's instructions, you would be best advised to bring in a professional air conditioner unit installer, and allow them to work around the problems with installing an ordinary unit in your home.