Signs Your Electric Blanket Needs Replacing

An electric blanket can be a great comfort but like all things electric, it needs to be regularly checked to make sure it doesn’t have any problems.

The Plug

If the plug feels hot when the blanket is turned on or if the cable feels warm your blanket needs replacing.

The Cable

Check the insulation on the cable, looking for breaks or cuts.

Condition of the Fabric

If there are any holes in the blanket, no matter how small, the blanket needs replacing.

Heavy Staining

If the blanket is heavily stained it should be returned to the manufacturer to see if they can clean it for you (they will give it a thorough check at the same time)

The Tapes

If any of the tapes are coming loose (on an under blanket) the blanket should be replaced. Do not attempt to fix them yourself.


If the blanket has been permanently creased it should be replaced.

Frayed Edges

If the blanket is frayed at all it should be replaced.

Unreliable Temperature

If the blanket seems to be running too hot or not warm enough, it needs checking and probably replacing.

An electric blanket can be a great comfort and will serve you well if you look after it. Be especially aware of damage that increases gradually because it is easy to fail to appreciate how bad it has become.