Silicone Glue

Used as an indoor/outdoor sealant, silicone glue is a flexible, waterproof adhesive that is ideal for use when sealing windshields, door frames, roof seams, vinyl tops, weather stripping and electrical connections. Silicone glue is incredibly resistant to oil, water, excessive movement or vibration and grease. The adhesive is non-flowing meaning that is may be applied either horizontally or vertically, while its high tensile strength ensures a strong, long-lasting bond. 

All-Purpose Applicability

Silicone glue is an all-purpose adhesive useful for seal and/or insulating all types of surfaces. When installing a replacement shower door, silicone adhesive is used in part to secure the frame to the tile or tub but also to seal the gap from water seepage. Other uses for silicone glue include repairing porcelain, filling in a cracked concrete walkway and resealing rubber clothing products.


Silicone glue dries clear, although it retains its flexibility. An hour after application silicone glue will set. The adhesive customarily takes 24 hours to fully cure. Silicone adhesives are stable over a wide range of temperatures, making them resistant to extreme climate conditions. The powerful bond formed by silicon glue is a result of the high stability at a molecular level. If you have the option, silicone glue will last longer and be more flexible than competing polymer adhesives.