Sill Sealer

Sill sealer is a must have if you are trying to replace a window. This is because the sill sealer will help to keep the weather and bugs outside. When replacing a window be sure to follow these few steps.

• Start by taking out any screws that you can see around the frame of the window.
• Next, use a utility knife and try to loosen up the window by cutting all of the caulk and sill sealer that you can find.
• Remove all of the caulk and sill sealer that you just cut with the knife or a putty knife.
• Now you will want to remove the old window and set the new one into place.
• While having someone hold the window check to make sure it’s level.
• After making the window fit properly screw it back into place.
• Now re-caulk the window and use sill sealer to seal it.

Tip for Using Sill Sealer

When applying the sill sealer you will want to take your time. If you don’t seal the window properly, especially around the sill, it can cause water and snow to leak in and cause water damage to the window frame.