Simple Bar Furniture Ideas Simple Bar Furniture Ideas

The wide range of themes and style ideas that can be used to decorate a home bar can make deciding on bar furniture a less than straightforward task. However, sticking with simple furniture ideas can make the process easier.

Bar Unit

Self-contained bar units are widely available in several different styles, allowing you to obtain one to suit your purposes, no matter how big or small. A basic unit will merely comprise of storage compartments, whereas a more comprehensive unit can house a sink with running water, as well as an in-built refrigeration unit.  


Bar tools and cocktail accessories do not need to be elaborate to be high quality. Items to rival those available in licensed bars are available for use at home. Some retailers have kits on the market that contain everything you need for a well stocked bar, such as corkscrews cocktail shakers and ice-crushers.


A couple of bar stools should be sufficient bar furniture for use with your bar unit, allowing two people to sit comfortably. Further seats can be placed in other positions around the room if there is space to do so. To create more seating while taking up a minimal amount of room, consider a wooden bench rather than several separate chairs. Think about how much time will be spent in the home bar before considering whether an easy chair will be useful.


Rather than buying bar furniture that only has one purpose, seek out those that have various functions. For example, before purchasing a pool table, determine whether there is one available that has a lid which can convert it into a table for dining or playing games. Buy the type of side table that can also be used as a footstool or an additional seat, if necessary. Making use of a small cabinet as a side table is also a great way to obtain additional storage.


If a standard refrigerator is too large a purchase for a home bar, consider whether a mini-fridge will be more practical. This will enable you to place it on top of another item of bar furniture rather than it requiring its own space. Glass fronted versions are available for residential use and can allow you to quickly view what you have available.    


If the bar unit doesn’t provide sufficient storage space, create more by fitting shelves behind the bar to house bottles and glassware. Small cabinets can be purchased cheaply and positioned behind the bar to act as a makeshift larder for goods that do not require refrigeration.


To reduce the amount of installation work that is required, make use of portable facilities to create a comfortable atmosphere. Table and floor lamps are cheap and widely available to provide additional lighting should it be required. Make use of fans rather than hooking up air-conditioning where it does not already exist. Space heaters can be used in the same way if central heating is not in place.

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