Simple Ideas for Decorating Closet Doors

Most people place same type of ordinary closet doors in their homes. So apparently all houses get the same plain white or brown, wooden or plastic doors. It is somewhat boring to have the same closet doors as your neighbor because this component is a part of the overall design of your home and the room interior. Of course, one’s lifestyle and personal ideas are important: individuals should use their imagination make their home attractive. The tips below may help to come up with ideas on how to decorate the closet doors at home.

Tip 1 - Repainting

Already have the boring white or brown closet doors? You may consider them too plain or just want to change their style to something more colorful. The easiest approach is to simply repaint them. The key is to nicely combine their color with the wall’s coloring or with the curtain design. If you aim at a more drastic change, you may not only repaint the closet doors but also change the curtains and the bed linen.

Tip 2 - Use Stickers

You may refresh the plain white closet doors by using stickers. You should choose appropriate colors and designs for decoration. They are especially suitable for kids or teens’ rooms. Let the children choose the model and colors of the stickers and even allow them to decorate as they like it. They will certainly enjoy it, and you may even make them keep the closet tidy.

Tip 3 - Change the Whole Door

There are many options here and all depends on your style and finances. You may put a glass door with interesting ornaments, make it look like your wardrobe doors, or replace it with a curtain. The idea of a glass door is quite fascinating. You may choose a simple transparent glass door, highly ornamented or blur glass, as well as colored glass. If you match the appearance of the closet door with the wardrobe doors, you will give the room a more sophisticated look. In addition, replacing the closet door with curtain is easy, and the room will look cozier.

Tip 4 -  Sliding Door

Placing a sliding door is a good decision, especially for small rooms. Sliding doors occupy less space than the traditional ones and can vary in color and the materials used to produce them. The best choice is a plastic or glass one, but it shouldn’t be too heavy.

Tip 5 - Put a Mirror or a Hook

This is one of the cheapest and easiest ways to make your closet door look different and at the same time, more practical. If you place a mirror on the closet door, the room will look wider and besides, the mirrors are always useful. If you choose to put a hook, you will not really change the closet door itself, but you will be able to hang up your bath towel or your robe. Adding a bookshelf is also a practical decision, but keep in mind its weight. If too heavy, the closet door will be hard to open and close. In addition, you may place some family pictures on it or even turn it into a door of "family fame".