Simplex Alarm

Primarily a manufacturer of fire detection and containment systems, a Simplex alarm consists of multiple control panels and satellite devices that form an interlocking system designed to quickly detect, and in some cases, attempt to contain the spread of fire. Installed in buildings of all sizes, from apartment complexes to vast high rises, Simplex fire alarm systems are available in both conventional and addressable varieties. Besides the control panel, which is the nerve center of an alarm system, Simplex alarm setups include initiating devices, notification appliances, accessories and possibly communication and release control terminals.

Simplex Alarm System Setup

A Simplex alarm system starts with the control panel, the brain behind the operation. The control panel commands communication between satellite monitors as well as the power flowing to them. It is what coordinates the entire alarm system. Simplex offers two conventional control panels, the 4005 and 4006. They are capable of supporting between 10 and 36 initiating devices or sensors and 4 to 32 notification appliances or fire alarms. Addressable control panels synchronize a greater number of devices and tell you exactly where the fire began. Simplex addressable control systems include the 4008, 4010 and 4100U. Perfect for small to large buildings, Simplex addressable control panels command between 200 and 2000 monitoring points.

Other Components

Initiating devices or smoke/heat detectors are placed in each zone of a building, between 10 and 2000 in number. Notification appliances are basically fire alarms or sirens, devices that inform occupants that they must exit the building. At minimum, a building will have 4 of these. Buildings with the 4100U system installed will have hundreds in place. Additionally, certain accessories are helpful, including annunciators, auxiliary communication devices and printers for documentation purposes.

Supplemental Control Terminals

Large buildings and those with sensitive or hazardous materials may require Simplex release control panels, terminals in charge of emergency water or agent deluge in the event of a fire. Likewise, emergency communications panels augment your ability to inform the authorities as well as the occupants of a building of an evacuation should it be necessary.