Simplex Fire Alarm

Offering both conventional and addressable fire control systems, Simplex fire alarm devices are designed for buildings of all sizes. Whether you have a small building such as a single business, small school or apartment complex or you are in charge of the fire safety at a large factory or high rise, Simplex has the solution. Fire alarm systems consist of a control panel, various initiating devices, notification appliances and other accessories. Whatever the situation, Simplex can provide the right combination of components to ensure the highest level of fire safety.

Conventional and Addressable Systems

Conventional fire alarm systems, while still used in smaller buildings or for upgrade purposes, are not able to pinpoint the exact starting point of a fire. They'll let you know a fire has started but not necessarily which initiating device detected it. Addressable systems, by contrast, tell you exactly where the problem was detected.

Levels of Safety

Simplex addressable systems range from 200-point to 2000-point panels for the ultimate in fire detection technology. In addition to the main control panel, emergency communication panels help to notify authorities, while releasing control systems are programmed to release a deluge of water or other agent to extinguish fires before they get out of control. Together with the right detecting and notifying devices, buildings of all types and sizes enjoy adequate fire protection.