Simplex Fire Alarm Panel

Having the necessary Simplex fire alarm panel in place is paramount to ensuring the safety of not only your property but of the workers and customers therein. Buildings of different sizes require different alarm panels. In terms of central control, two basic types of panels are used: conventional and addressable. In addition, other panels are necessary for emergency communication and the release of water or some type of fire retardant.

Simplex Conventional Control Panels

Conventional control panels are meant for smaller buildings where fire cannot hide from detection. This type of control panel does not tell you which device initiated the alarm, meaning they are untenable for large buildings. Simplex offers two conventional panels, models 4005 and 4006. The 4006 panel supports as many as 10 initiating devices or sensors and 4 notification appliances, also called sirens. Model 4005 supports up to 36 sensors and 32 sirens.

Addressable Control Panels

Addressable systems, in contrast to conventional ones, are fully interlinked and tell an operator or firefighter exactly which device initiated the alarm. This makes them useful in large buildings with countless spaces. Simplex offers 3 addressable control panels. The 4008 has a 200-detection point capacity, the 4010 has a 250-point limit, and the 4100U governs 2000 points, ideal for the largest of buildings.