Simplex Fire Alarm System

Whether the size and design of a building calls for a conventional or addressable setup, a Simplex fire alarm system is the right choice to ensure top to bottom fire detection and protection. Conventional fire alarm systems are only installed nowadays in smaller buildings, for while they are designed to detect the presence of fire at any of their monitoring points, they will not tell you precisely which sensor sounded the alarm. Addressable systems are fully programmable and can identify the exact location where the fire sprang up, making them a mandatory installation in high rises, factories, plants and other large buildings.

Simplex Fire Alarm Setup

A Simplex fire alarm system consists of several basic components. First and foremost, a control panel is the nerve center of the system. It receives the alarm signals from various monitoring stations, controls communication and distributes power to all detection areas in a building. Initiating devices are essentially smoke and heat detectors positioned in as many as 2000 points in a building. Notification appliances sound the alarm throughout a space, while system accessories include such things as annunciators, batteries and printers.

Other Controls

Other control terminals include emergency communications panels to quickly notify safety and rescue workers and releasing control systems which are programmed to deluge a fire with water or some other agent useful in certain scenarios.